About me

I am a scholar of medieval history and literature written in English, French and Latin

I’m Associate Professor at the Centre for Medieval Literature at the University of Southern Denmark.I’m also an honorary fellow at the Department of English and Related Literature at the University of York, where I worked between 2010 and 2017, and I teach English literature and history in the Department of English, Romance and Germanic Studies at the University of Copenhagen.

I live in rural Denmark with my family, having moved here from York in 2016 when I was awarded a research fellowship from the Carlsberg Foundation.

Research interests

Medieval history-writing

Most of my research focuses on medieval history-writing. I’m especially interested in literary approaches to the subject.

Multilingualism in the Middle Ages

I’ve spent a lot of time during my academic career thinking about interactions between French, Latin and English literatures in the Middle Ages

The history of the emotions

I’m also interested in the history of the emotions, and especially in how the emotions come into conflict with telling the truth.

List of publications

You can see a list of my publications here

Academic employment

External lecturer,

University of Copenhagen, 2019-

I teach English literature at history to BA and MA students at the department for English, Romance and Germanic Studies at the University of Copenhagen

Lecturer in Medieval Literature, University of York


I was appointed lecturer in High Medieval Literature at the University of York in 2010. I taught at York for five years, before taking leave for two years to take up my Carlsberg fellowship.

Carlsberg Distinguished International Fellow

Centre for Medieval Literature, University of Southern Denmark, 2016-18

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